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MZL Properties, Inc. launches its new website featuring their full service property management company(19 oct 2011)

(Los Angeles CA) October 19, 2011– MZL Properties, Inc. is launching a new website featuring its full service management company. These services include Multi-Unit property management, Homeowner Association Management, rental management and sales.

MZL Properties, Inc has over 25 years experience serving the Southern California region.

This new website has been developed to education property owners regarding the benefits and features provided by MZL Properties, Inc. Visitors to can learn how they can utilize the services from this well established company with a proven track record.

MZL PROPERTIES, INC. provide complete property management, taking the burden off the property owner. Our services include financial, providing monthly cashflow statements and report, collection of rents including monitory slow pays and no pays to preserve your cashflow. We manage banking, accounts payable, and accounts receivable with our expert professionals so that you can be assured that your finances are in good hands.

Our property maintenance includes focus on detailed attention to apartment preparation. We continually shop for lowest prices for maintenance specialists who can provide quality workmanship for the best price. We seek competitive bids for major expenses. All work performed is carefully supervised and inspected. All services provided are licensed and insured.

There is a 24 hour emergency telephone line available.

Prospective tenants are carefully selected from applicants, assuring clientele that are well qualified to become occupants of your property. We have 24-hour rental telephone lines available and can provide multilingual rental agents.

We also can provide excellent management services for your Homeowners Association. We can do that by assigning one of our experienced and knowledgeable field supervisors will be assigned to your property. This field supervisor will assess existing contracts, intervene with and supervise vendors, obtain competitive bidding and perform numerous other tasks that go along with the quality management we provide. As part of our management services, we will open an Association Trust Account and handle all the financial operations of your association providing monthly accounting reports. Other services include vendor management, obtaining competitive bids for special and on-going projects, and communication with the board. MZL PROPERTIES, INC. can help you successfully maintain your association properly with experienced professionals who can alleviate the burden of day-to-day operations of the property for you and your board. .

When it comes to expert and professional property management in the Southern California area, you've found the right place. We take great pride in serving our loyal customers who have benefited from our excellent services throughout the years.

If you are looking for property management, rental and sales specialists in the Southern Californi area, don't wait to check out our new website for more information at

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