MZL Properties, Inc. - Premiere Property Management in Southern California

About Us

MZL PROPERTIES, INC. is a full service property management company. Our services include Multi-Unit property management, Homeowner Association Management including full financial services and rental management.

Our team – our service team is composed of talented, caring, experienced professionals who are carefully selected to provide our customers with the very best personal and attentive service.

We always have an open door policy, so that you can feel confident about the care your property is receiving.

Property supervisors that are employed through MZL PROPERTIES, INC. are experienced, trusted personnel.

We are licensed and insured, providing you peace of mind.



Monthly Cash Flow Statements will keep you knowledgeable as to how your property is performing financially for you.

We keep on top of slow pays and no pays giving them prompt attention to preserve your cash flow.

No major expenses are ever incurred without your approval.

We manage banking, accounts payable, and accounts receivable with our expert professions so that you can be assured that your finances are in good hands.

Property MaintenanceProperty Maintenance

We focus on detailed attention to apartment preparation.

All work performed is carefully supervised and inspected.

We continually shop for lowest prices for maintenance specialists who can provide quality workmanship for the best price. We seek competitive bids for major expenses.

All services provided are licensed and insured.

Vacated Units

The MZL PROPERTIES, INC. Team jumps into action to provide the best service for your vacated units. We launch prompt cleanup and preparation of each vacant unit for presentation to prospective tenants. And those prospective tenants are carefully selected from applicants, assuring clientele that are well qualified to become occupants of your property.